The pandemic took a great toll on the travel industry and travel enthusiasts. People could no longer travel for vacation or educational trips and this also affects travel businesses all over the world.

However, as it should be, there has to be a way forward. Reviews on Collected.Reviews provide enlightenment about travel companies’ experiences during the lockdown and how these companies took advantage of the situation.

Here are 5 travel marketing trends that we have seen so far from travel companies in 2021:

1.     Local SEO:

With travel being halted, advertising on a local level has become one of the top advertising patterns of the travel industry since the inception of the pandemic. Deliberately, administrators chose to re-strategize by urging local people to visit the vacation spots they once maintained a strategic distance from, investigate their terrace, and experience passionate feelings for the little piece of the world they have once underestimated. To achieve this, numerous travel agencies found vital ways to upgrade their online presence for neighborhood lookups.

2.     Blogging:

Probably the greatest miracle of 2020, other than the actual pandemic, was the troublesome changes in COST made by a portion of the bigger OTAs. For administrators who depended intensely on these channels for bookings, it was a call to action for them. They began to see the significance of brand marketing in the travel industry, revamping their site, and multiplying their marketing strategy to drive direct bookings and assume back responsibility for their gains, booking retractions, and reimbursement. With a blog that is properly maintained, you can build up power as an objective master, pull in more guests to your site, and the best part improves Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

3.     Facebook Ads:

With all the vulnerability in the travel business, you might have cost down on your budget for marketing for your good because if you pay for advertising, there is no target audience as the whole world is on lockdown. Hence, paying for publication is a waste. Be that as it may, there is a platform that gets you all the more value for your money, is moderately reasonable, has the potential for enormous reach, and supplements your economical showcasing procedures — like writing for a blog. It’s Facebook Ads.

4.     TikTok:

TikTok — a video-sharing application from China — turned into a lockdown sensation a year ago as the youths took the advantage of being at home to exhibit their dancing skills, lip-synchronizing, tricks, responses to viral TikTok recordings, and 15-second stories. With #lifeathome content overpowering the feed, there’s a one-of-a-kind potential for success for travel agencies to seize the opportunity and post with travel-related videos something numerous individuals are urgently desiring now since they can’t go to anyplace.

5.     Virtual Experience:

This list would not be complete without mentioning virtual experience. The virtual experience is probably the most recent pattern in the travel industry, considering that it was the main trendy expression of 2020, and was immediately approved following the release of Amazon Explore and AirBnb Online Experiences.

These trends have helped travel agencies satisfy their end-users and has also helped to shape the face of travel locally and internationally. We hope to see more trends!